Facial Sinus Baths


No one enjoys the stuffiness or discomfort of sinus congestion or infection. These simple facial treatments can be very helpful in relieving congestion and promoting healing.  Especially when done before bedtime they can soothe the sinuses and promote better breathing and rest.

What you will need:

One to two containers large enough in which to submerge your face

A teapot or pitcher of hot water, preferably with a lid to retain heat

Another pitcher

Two towels

shower cap (optional) and snorkel (optional for contrast bath)

The Facial Contrast Bath

Prepare a table, counter, or other surface on which you can set up treatment. You may want to cover the surface with a towel or piece of plastic to protect it from water spills. Boil water in a teapot or pot and set on table with a hotplate to protect surface. Fill one of the containers for your facial bath about halfway with as hot water as comfortably tolerable. Fill the other container about halfway with cold tap water and some ice if tolerated. Set the empty pitcher on the table within reach. Seat yourself comfortably in front of the two face bath containers. If desired, put on a shower cap to keep hair dry. Submerge your entire face into the warm water and stay in as long as possible, for about two to 3 minutes, coming up for air when needed. Lift your head out and quickly transfer your face to the cold water, staying in for about 30 seconds. Repeat this cycle three to five times, adding hot water to the hot bath container as needed to keep it as warm as comfortably tolerable. You may need to scoop some of the water out with the pitcher to make room for the added hot water. Once finished, pat your face nicely dry and rest for around 10 to 15 minutes if possible. This will allow your body to utilize the beneficial physiological processes stimulated by the treatment for healing.

If desired, you actually can use a snorkel while doing the warm portion of the facial dip, to prevent the need for coming up for air!

Facial Steam Inhalation Bath 

Alternatively, although perhaps not as effective as the face bath, you can do a steam inhalation treatment. If desired, put a shower cap on to keep hair dry from steam. Simply fill a large basin or pot about 2/3 full with very hot steaming water. Set it on a table and add a couple drops of eucalyptus oil if desired. Keep covered until beginning the treatment to retain heat. Set an empty pitcher and also a teapot, pot, or other closed container of boiled water on the table. Sit comfortably in front of front of the hot water basin. Bend your head over the basin and drape a large towel over your head and the basin to trap the steam inside. Be careful not to burn your face. If it’s too hot for comfort, raise your head higher and/or lift up the sides of the towel to allow some of the heat to escape. As water gradually cools, lower your face closer to the surface of the water. Breathe the warm moist air in deeply through your nose. Continue the treatment for around 10 minutes or longer, adding fresh hot water if needed to keep it lightly steaming. If necessary, scoop some of the cooled water out with the empty pitcher, to make room for the added hot water. Finish the treatment by gently splashing or running cool water over your face and then drying with a towel. Rest upright a few minutes with your head kept comfortably warm to better utilize the healing activity stimulated by the treatment.