About Us

A Pattern Health Retreat is nestled in the scenic Meramec River region of east-central Missouri, about an hour south of St. Louis.  We are dedicated to promoting health and healing through lifestyle medicine, both in our community through health education and services and in our lifestyle center.  Our medically-supervised wellness program offers a relaxed and peaceful rural setting for a revitalizing health vacation or personalized healing therapy.

Dr. A. Scott Grivas, the physician presiding at the center, has practiced medicine for nearly 50 years.  After graduating from Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, he  worked two years in public health at the Center for Disease Control.  He then completed his internal medicine residency at Emory, and practiced 12 years in Atlanta.  At this point, Dr. Grivas transitioned to an integrative approach to his practice of medicine, combining lifestyle medicine with his internal medicine specialty.  He has since served at Wildwood Lifestyle Center, and holds regular clinics in Jefferson City, Missouri, as well as practicing at  A Pattern Health Retreat.


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