Contrast Shower


Would you like to boost your immune system, energy levels, sense of wellbeing, or mental alertness? If so, you may find this simple yet effective water treatment very beneficial!

The contrast shower is a cycle of warm/hot water followed by cool/cold water, ideally repeated three times. The alternating hot and cold water first opens up the blood vessels and then constricts themresulting in increased circulation. Our blood is our life-stream, delivering fresh oxygen, nutrients, and infection-fighting white blood cells to the body; it also picks up waste products and toxins from body cells for removal. So an increase in blood flow equals improved health and healing.

How to do the shower

Be sure the temperature in the shower room is warm enough to avoid chilling. Begin the shower with warm water, increasing the temperature gradually according to your comfort level. After two to three minutes, turn the water to cool for about 30 seconds. Switch it back to warm for another two to three minutes, and increase the temperature to warmer than the first time. Follow with another 30 second spray of cool, preferably cooler than the first time. Follow this with one more cycle, again turning it warmer and then cooler than before. The treatment will be more effective if you make these switches abruptly. Contrary to what you might think, you will feel warmer after the treatment by using the cold sprays than a straight warm shower. Dry yourself vigorously off, and then, if using the treatment to fight off or recover from infection, be sure to rest for about 20 minutes or more in a comfortably warm bed. This step is critical to allow the immune-boosting mechanisms stimulated by the treatment to work.

Note that even one or two exchanges of hot to cold water will benefit the body. Simply ending your daily shower regularly with cool to cold water is helpful to fortify the body against illness.